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In this episode of Total PowerPhoneour illustrious CEO is joined by Erin Winslow from PowerPhone’s rock star implementation team. Erin is an Implementation Manager, or IM as we so creatively refer to them. Our IMs are responsible for deploying Total Response at client sites across the U.S. and abroad. Everything from CAD code mapping to end user training to troubleshooting pesky database bugs, our IMs do it all. And usually with a smile and a plane ticket. These guys and gals have seen it all and their combined experiences make them an invaluable resource to the agencies we serve.  

In this segment, Chris and Erin chat about one of the most powerful elements of Total Response. The ability to modify or even create call handling protocols based upon local needs. Listen in on how Erin was able to meld her experience with PowerPhone’s core call handling principles to help two agencies craft very unique and very necessary for them emergency call taking protocols.