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As we transition from summer to fall, a myriad of changes take place. Cooling temperatures, trees losing their leaves, and daylight hours continue to get shorter. Some may even take the opportunity to do some cleaning around the house (or PSAP). Here at PowerPhone we’ve had changes of our own take place, as well as some house cleaning, that will benefit our customers.

Speaking of which, how do you like the new website? We have completely revamped the look and feel. We wanted our website to be more user friendly, and more importantly, a resource you want to take advantage of moving forward. With the new website you will start seeing more communication out to you, our customers. We will be incorporating blogs, videos, announcements and more. It also offers direct access to our training portal as well as the reporting website. Stay tuned for more exciting changes ahead.

We recently announced updates to our software that are now available to existing customers. These same updates and content changes are being rolled out through the installation process to our new customers as well.

The majority of these changes are the direct result of constructive feedback from our Total Response users. Whether it was a suggestion to improve wording on our Aspirin Advisory procedure, expressing the need for a tourniquet procedure, the suggestion to add new questions on our Vehicle Description procedure, requests to make the 1st and 2nd party caller PAIs on our Structure Fire protocol more adaptable, or to update vehicle type options on our Vehicle Fire protocol, we heard you. All of these changes and more have been applied to the Total Response software thanks to our customers.

PowerPhone has always taken user feedback seriously. We are committed to ensuring all feedback is heard, acknowledged, and evaluated. Every suggestion for a content change to our protocols and procedures is brought to our Standards Manager. The Standards Manager can make a decision immediately based on the suggestion. Or they may decide it will go through PowerPhone’s Protocol and Procedure Review Committee.

Change is essential to growth and improvement not only in ourselves, but also in the technology we rely on to help us perform our work well. However, PowerPhone will never make changes for the sake of change. Changes to our Total Response software will always be the result of collaboration with our customers and the agreed recognition of needed and meaningful change. We may not always agree on any given change, and that’s ok; the dialogue that takes place can result in healthy discussion that can lead to other changes and new ideas.

PowerPhone empowers you not only in the use of our software, but also in reaching out to us. Regardless of how long you have been a customer, regardless of what suggestions or ideas you have, we will listen. Whether you are speaking with your Account Manager, your Implementation Manager or one of our Customer Service Representatives, your feedback, suggestions and idea for enhancements, changes, and improvements will always be heard and acted on.

About the Author
Jim Jones is the Content Manager for PowerPhone. Prior to that he served as an Implementation Manager for 7 years supporting Total Response clients worldwide. Before joining the PowerPhone Team Jim served in the roles of Telecommunicator/CTO, Shift Supervisor, and Training Coordinator at a PSAP in Illinois for 16 years.