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Reimagine the potential of your 911 center.

Gain meaningful and actionable insight that drives improvement.


Optimized CAD Interfaces

Total Response interfaces with over 40 CAD systems to electronically transfer vital and real-time call details to responders enroute.

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Unlimited Access to Self-Paced Training

Our new Site Licensed Training portfolio includes unrestricted access to Total Response software, certification and continuing education training in an online, self-paced format. More than 30 courses!

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Quality Analytics

Real-time monitoring, messaging and dashboards provide instant access to performance metrics and operating standards.

Achieve consistency on every emergency call.

Following a proven and patented investigative questioning approach, Total Response 911 protocol software helps you enhance victim and responder safety, better preserve evidence, and mitigate risk.

Turning information into action.


We empower the backbone of 911. With Site Licensed Training, you decide what courses, what certifications, how often, and how many times you want your staff to train.

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Our patented approach to emergency call handling ensures every call gets your all, and helps your agency meet accepted industry standards.

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Best of breed software plus interfaces to 40+ CADs equals a smarter response. Real-time information for every call takes the guess work out of call handling.

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Take a fresh look at your
emergency call handling.


Guided flexibility to ask the right questions.

80+ protocols for police, fire and emergency medical dispatch in a single, unified call handling system.


Instant access to performance metrics.

Hone your center’s performance with real-time call monitoring, messaging, and dashboard analytics.


Objective feedback and measurable results.

QA standards and metrics to score any call and gauge the effectiveness of your people and your protocols.


Adapt protocols to meet your needs.

Modify ours or create your own call handling protocols based on your local requirements and SOP’s.

Consistent call handling is the foundation for an effective response.

80+ integrated protocols

80+ integrated protocols

It’s not just about EMD. Scene specific questions and PAI’s for more than 80 police, fire, and emergency medical dispatch incidents ensure consistency on every call for help.

One proven call handling formula

One proven call handling formula

Intuitive and flexible questions and pre-arrival instructions equate to objective dispatch recommendations and empower call takers to make informed, outcome driven decisions.

Modify or build custom protocols

Modify or build custom protocols

Harmonize protocols with agency capabilities to establish greater call handling consistency, improve morale, better protect callers and responders, and mitigate liability.

Scene safety and evidence preservation

Scene safety and evidence preservation

After 38 years and 360,000+ professionals trained, we’ve learned a thing or two. Every protocol is focused on protecting callers and responders while preserving scene conditions.

Instant updates to responders enroute

Instant updates to responders enroute

Seamlessly transfer information from Total Response to CAD in real-time to give responders unrivaled insight into scene conditions prior to their arrival on scene.

Real-time and retrospective analytics

Real-time and retrospective analytics

Systems that cannot be measured cannot be optimized. Real-time monitoring, retrospective analysis and performance metrics provide unsurpassed insights and a more responsive center.

Every call.
Every time.