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Dispatch smarter, faster, and safer with Total Response

Total Response is a 911 protocol software that is simple, adaptable, and efficient. After 40 years and 500,000+ professionals trained, we’ve learned a thing or two: every call deserves your all.

The Total Response Difference means that every protocol is focused on protecting callers and responders while preserving life, scene conditions and property. And, when we implement Total Response software in your agency, we make sure that our industry professionals help you custom build it to meet your community’s needs. 

Coming soon to a PSAP near you.

The Total Response Difference


  • Our proven and patented approach to emergency call handling helps your agency meet industry AND local standards.
  • Protocols and procedures are continuously reviewed by our team of police, fire, and emergency medical professionals.
  • PowerPhone does not require a local medical director’s approval.


  • Consistent call taking for every call with over 80+ integrated protocols for police, fire, and emergency medical dispatch.
  • No toggling between EMD, fire, and law enforcement questions.
  • Quick View terms above protocols help telecommunicators quickly grasp the topic of the question, ensuring prompt collection of all critical information.
  • Guided flexibility to ask the right questions. Your call takers are not required to follow strict scripts.
  • Situational questioning improves caller and responder safety and helps gather relevant information quicker.


  • Customize ours or create your own protocols based on your local requirements and SOPs.
  • Make decisions faster with the help of customizable Knowledge Base Articles (KBAs) that link to your unique SOPs, procedures, schematics, and more. 
  • Our patented Response Advisor is a graphic display of priority/severity of the incident and can be customized to your needs.
  • Interface with over 40 CADs and voice recorders gives you real-time information and the ability to review each call.
  • Integrations with life-saving apps, such as PulsePointAED and what3words.
  • Instant access to performance metrics with real-time call monitoring, messaging, and dashboard analytics.


  • Unlimited, online, self-paced training, certifications and continuing education included with the software.
  • Work with industry experts on implementation, application training, and protocol customization, plus 24/7 technical support.
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