About Us

We are an emergency call handling software company. Our solution helps 911 centers ask better questions of callers and relay scene information faster and more accurately to responders. Pre-arrival instructions ensure a zero-minute response time to deliver actionable advice, enhance scene safety and minimize liability exposure.


Call handling isn’t dispatching. It’s the foundation for an effective response.

It can learn, evolve and has the power to reshape how call takers respond.

At PowerPhone, we use technology to empower 911 professionals. Transforming information into action, breathing new life into how agencies manage calls for help and giving never before seen insight into emergency call handling.

Turning information into action.


The backbone of 911. We empower call takers to best help callers and responders.


Our patented approach to emergency call handling ensures every call gets your all.


Best of breed software plus interfaces to 30+ CAD’s equals a smarter response.

PowerPhone speaks your language.

Emergency call handling is multi-dimensional and diverse in nature. Every call is unique, and every call deserves a consistent and effective response regardless of the call type or call taker. With over 80 integrated protocols for police, fire, and emergency medical dispatch (EMD), Total Response provides structured and consistent guidance on any call for service.

80+ integrated protocols for police, fire and EMD.
One proven, patented call taking formula.
Modify our protocols or build your own.
Share call details with responders enroute.
Caller, victim and responder safety focused.
Preserve evidence with investigative questioning.
Flexibility enhances performance and morale.
Real-time and retrospective
management tools.

Join over 700 agencies from around the world.

Experience to take on your toughest challenges.

We provide the foundation for meaningful and consistent call handling.