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Breathing new life into public safety, we transform chaos into clarity and information into action.
From the phone line to the front line.
Every call. Every time.


Our story goes back over four decades to a night when our founder, a state trooper, realized the critical impact of an unasked question. Fueled by the urgency of seconds that could mean the difference between life and death, PowerPhone was born.

We’re not just a witness to the history of 911; we helped write it.

As the architects of police and fire dispatch protocols, we were the first to craft pre-arrival instructions that paved the way for the evolution of emergency call handling. Combined with EMD protocols, our decision support system transforms information into action, supporting call handlers and protecting responders. Every call. Every time.

We've equipped more than half a million professionals worldwide with the tools they need to serve their communities. Our training platform continues to be an ever-evolving gold standard.

Every second has a profound impact.

Every protocol, procedure and course crafted is a symphony of precision echoing the belief that seconds save lives. Like 911, our tools are not static. Regular updates and innovations keep our platform at the forefront of technology, ensuring that emergency responders always have access to the latest and most effective resources.

Founded by the frontline, powered by passion and expertise, we’re your partner at the intersection of technology and empathy that trusts, supports, and enhances the capabilities of those who answer the call.

For us, it’s not just a business; it’s a promise to make 911 better.

Turning information into action.


We empower the backbone of 911. With Site Licensed Training, you decide what courses, what certifications, how often, and how many times you want your staff to train.

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Our patented approach to emergency call handling ensures every call gets your all, and helps your agency meet accepted industry standards.

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Best of breed software plus interfaces to 40+ CADs equals a smarter response. Real-time information for every call takes the guess work out of call handling.

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PowerPhone speaks your language.

Emergency call handling is multi-dimensional and diverse in nature. Every call is unique, and every call deserves a consistent and effective response regardless of the call type or call taker. With over 80 integrated protocols for police, fire, and emergency medical dispatch (EMD), Total Response provides structured and consistent guidance on any call for service.

80+ integrated protocols for police, fire and EMD.
One proven, patented call taking formula.
Modify our protocols or build your own.
Share call details with responders enroute.
Caller, victim and responder safety focused.
Preserve evidence with investigative questioning.
Flexibility enhances performance and morale.
Real-time and retrospective
management tools.

Join over 700 agencies from around the world.

Experience to take on your toughest challenges.

We provide the foundation for meaningful and consistent call handling.