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A Streamlined and Highly Efficient CAD Interface

The Total Response interface streamlines the flow of information between Total Response and CAD. This results in improved efficiency of your call handling, and enhanced accuracy of your dispatch decisions, while guiding your call takers through over 80 different incident types. 

The call information captured in Total Response is seamlessly transferred to your CAD in real-time, giving your responders unrivaled insight into scene conditions prior to their arrival.

Take the Guess Work Out of Call Handling

Total Response gives your call takers and dispatchers unsurpassed call and incident response management with the ability to:

  • Automatically launch Total Response protocols from within CAD. Save time and ensure your call takers are taking advantage of incident specific protocols and procedures by mapping your CAD incident codes directly to the Chief Complaint list in Total Response. Have your agency’s approved SOPs and pre-arrival instructions displayed on every call for service 
  • Update dispatch decisions in real-time. Our patented Response Advisor technology is designed to take the subjectivity out of your dispatch decisions. The Total Response API will electronically communicate dispatch recommendations in real-time to CAD, ensuring your responders are best equipped prior to their arrival. 
  • Append vital call details to CAD. Answers to every question asked in Total Response is captured electronically and available in real-time to CAD. Add the Total Response Call Log to the CAD incident record for unparalleled insight into incident response – from the first call for help to final incident resolution. Once posted to CAD, the Total Response Call Log can also be passed electronically to responders giving them the one element crucial to every response – information. 

An Open Architecture and Fully Documented Interface

Total Response was built from the ground up to be fully compatible with third party systems. Our back-end database is built upon Microsoft SQL Server and we include customizable .NET libraries and XML schema for seamless integration. All communication between Total Response and CAD is handled via industry standard TCP/IP protocols with complete documentation. 

A Fully Customizable System  

The Total Response system is fully customizable to ensure the best fit for your agency. Through the Total Response CAD API (Application Programming Interface), we offer your CAD the entire call script. The CAD translates questions and answers in their entirety.  

PowerPhone will work with your agency to configure Total Response to work directly with your existing CAD incident type codes and we will send back the same codes recognized by your CAD system at every designated touchpoint. 

Integrated with over 40 CAD Systems: Ready to Collaborate with Yours!  

We’ve partnered with CAD providers to give agencies a seamless and customized integration. Check out the CADs we work with. Don’t see yours? Provide us with their contact details, and we can explore an interface to meet your agency’s needs. 

  • 10-8 Systems
  • Aegis Enterprise.NET CAD
  • Aegis MSP CAD
  • ADSi CAD
  • CAD NG
  • Central Square
  • Clear Public Safety Toolkit (Clear Interface Service)
  • Dispatcher CAD
  • Digital Detective CAD
  • DispatchNow CAD (formerly Tiburon DispatchNow)
  • Enterpol CAD
  • HTE CAD 400
  • ID Dispatch CAD
  • I/CAD
  • InMotion CAD
  • INTERCad
  • ITC Product Suite
  • Legacy CAD
  • NorthStar CAD
  • ONESolution CAD (OSSI)
  • Pamet CADServer
  • PremierOne CAD
  • Shieldware CAD
  • SmartCOP
  • SOMA Global
  • Southern Software CAD
  • Spillman CAD
  • Sundance LES
  • Tailorbuilt CAD
  • TotalCommand CAD (formerly Tiburon Total Command)
  • VisiNet Command CAD
  • VisionCAD (formerly VisionAir CAD)
  • NG911 CAD