Emergency Medical Dispatch

In a medical emergency, the best response time is around four minutes. That may be too long.

What happens in those minutes before help arrives can make the difference between saving and losing a patient. This course teaches emergency call-takers how to provide lifesaving assistance in more than 40 types of medical emergencies.

Emergency Medical Dispatch Certification (EMD) is a 24-hour core certification program designed to meet or exceed all existing standards. It’s an essential component of PowerPhone’s Total Response® system. Find a class using the Advanced Class Search to the right, or call 203.245.8911 to learn more.


  • Structured information gathering
  • Journalistic investigative approach
  • Four phases of EMD
  • Dispatch recommendations
  • Common misconceptions about EMD
  • Pre-arrival instructions
  • Response allocation and response prioritization
  • Seven systems of the body
  • Pediatric considerations
  • Additional topics


  • Perform EMD according to DOT/NHTSA guidelines
  • Assist in childbirths, cardiac incidents, gunshot wounds and over 40 other medical emergencies
  • Give medical assistance with confidence
  • Apply risk-management techniques to reduce your liability
  • Deal with special concerns for child and elderly victims

Classroom or Online

This course can be taken either in the classroom or online.
  • Classroom training is delivered at host agencies across the US.
  • Online certification can be taken anytime and brings the same PowerPhone learning experience to your desktop.


Upon successful completion of curriculum, graduates receive a two-year certification from PowerPhone in Emergency Medical Dispatch. This certification distinguishes your skill level within the industry and improves the standard of care you offer to both callers and responders. Start Registration Now button

Fees & Discounts

$399 per student. Volume discounts available.