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After searching for an emergency call-handling solution that provided greater 911 call-handling consistency and imposed less restrictions on the dispatchers handling each call, Sullivan County Emergency Communications District (Tennessee) has successfully transitioned to PowerPhone’s Total Response Emergency Call Handling Software.

One of the major benefits Sullivan County residents will notice are that callers are only asked necessary, easy-to-understand questions. Sullivan County’s new approach assures that the facts of each call’s emergency determine both call priority and the dispatched skills needed to help with the emergency.  Pre-arrival instructions offer callers important (and often lifesaving) information on how to best remain safe or prepare the scene for responders’ arrival.

With the Total Response solution, dispatchers train to use a proven approach following fluid incident-based protocols rather than check-list-style rigid protocols that confuse or frustrate callers. The emergency call handling software seamlessly interfaces with Sullivan County’s TriTech Computer-Aided Dispatch (CAD) software to inform the dispatch decision and provide responders with all of the gathered information while enroute to the scene.

PowerPhone also supplied Sullivan County Administrators and Supervisors with advanced training. Supervisor training sessions prepare agency leaders to refine processes as necessary to create higher emergency call-handling standards. Similarly, advanced reporting features empower supervisors to make highly-informed decisions regarding operational effectiveness and to clearly evaluate training and staffing needs to create a culture of ongoing improvement.

Total Response is a full-service 911 call-handling solution providing agencies with the training, tools and processes to achieve and raise their community’s standard of care. It provides agencies with a framework that empowers call handlers to adapt questions for each call based on scene conditions and uses integrated call-handling protocols to provide each call with a logical and consistent response.

Total Response’s built-in flexibility makes it adaptable for any emergency call handling entity including universities, airports, the military and enterprise businesses.