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Boynton Beach Communications is singing the many praises of PowerPhone’s innovative Total Response solution since going live. Their goal was to find a more effective solution for their staff to handle Emergency Medical Dispatch (EMD) calls.

“PowerPhone’s Total Response solution is more user-friendly than other vendors’ and is significantly more adaptable which gives our dispatchers the freedom to really focus on helping a caller in distress,” says Mario Bryant, Communications Center Manager, “This software is also simplistic with navigation and design. The questions being asked by our dispatchers come off very natural.”

Total Response was developed to create greater consistency on every call for help. The solution guides 911 call takers to ask better questions of callers and relay scene information faster and more accurately to responders. Pre-arrival instructions create a zero minutes response time results in better patient outcomes, enhanced scene safety and a reduction in liability exposure for the agency. 

The software, coupled with Emergency Medical Dispatch training provides a proven, adaptable framework allowing the dispatcher to adjust the line of questioning as scene conditions change. For Boynton Beach, this transition has allowed the agency to flourish and confidently provide the best standard of care to the community.

“Our dispatchers now have more confidence than ever, knowing that they have provided the best quality of service to the public,” states Bryant. “Before implementing Total Response, most of our dispatchers were left with a feeling like they could have done more to help a caller, due to the nature and the mandatory process of the questions being asked using another vendor. Total Response allows our dispatchers to focus on the needs of the caller, helping them through a time of crisis,”

PowerPhone has continued to improve the public safety industry for 35 years and has trained more than 300,000 telecommunicators worldwide and deployed Total Response to more than 700 agencies.