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New Case Study Featuring Dyersburg 911

We’re pleased to release our newest case study featuring Dyersburg 911 in Dyer County, Tennessee.

This case study consists of quotes provided by Director Mark Grant on how moving to Total Response for 911 call handling helped improve employee morale, raise internal standards and provide a higher level of service to his callers.

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The State of Address Verification in 911 Call Handling

A new feature in our CACH software streamlines the incoming call process by allowing agencies to start calls directly in CACH. Using this feature, call handlers have immediate access to protocols even while verifying the incident location.

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Course Demo – 911 Training

Experience the latest in PowerPhone trainings by demonstrating the first module of our redesigned Active Shooting Response course. The new format replaces our old student forums with more interactive activities, expert faculty insights and a smoother workflow.

New Jersey Approved 4 certs

New Jersey Approves PowerPhone Certifications in EMD, FSD, LED and Call Assessment

We’re pleased to announce New Jersey approval for all three of our dispatch certification programs (Emergency Medical, Fire Service and Law Enforcement Dispatch) and for our Call Assessment certification program.

Our Call Assessment certification program teaches PSAPs how to conduct call reviews and quality assurance operations at the highest level.

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Innovative and Exciting Improvements to PowerPhone Training

PowerPhone has a proud history of moving the 911 industry forward with creative innovations in our call-handling solutions and training. Our underlying philosophy has always been to provide you with the same top-tier products, solutions and training, regardless of your agency’s size or location. This mission is reflected in our training programs with continuous curriculum […]

The geovalidation feature starts every call in the location field of CACH's initial survey

Geovalidation Added to Total Response CACH for Address Verification

Locating an emergency is the most important part of any 911 call, yet it can also be the most challenging. Various obstacles can make geovalidation (or address verification) extremely challenging including: differences in cell phone technology, competing telecommunications companies, the prevalence of web-based phones, caller uncertainty, inaccurate data collection and more.

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Total Response Digital Brochure

We’re excited to offer our new Total Response brochure in a digital format! Come see how Total Response helps PSAPs define, achieve and measure a higher standard in 911 call handling.

Digital Tablet Software Can Be Used on Desktops or Windows Tablets

Moving Beyond Paper Tablets: Why We’re Discontinuing Updates to Four-Tab and Older Tablets

PowerPhone will stop issuing updates to all of our paper tablets on March 31, 2017.

We were thrilled to be the first to offer the industry Digital Tablets containing integrated call handling protocols. The response has been overwhelmingly positive as customers have streamlined their call handling processes and incorporated the protocols to their desktop monitors or onto a free-standing Windows-based digital tablet.

Digital tablets have provided many outstanding benefits including faster look-up times, making more desk space available and simplifying the process for updating current protocols.

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Spring 2016 Course Catalog for 911 Training Now Available!

Our Spring 2016 catalog includes all of our classroom and on-line offerings from our introductory Public Safety Telecommunicator course through certifications, re-certifications and continuing education.

We offer certification programs in Emergency Medical Dispatch, Fire Service Dispatch, Law Enforcement Dispatch and in Call Assessment. In addition to our single-subject continuing education courses, we also offer a subscription program providing access to numerous one-hour or less training classes (with a new class added every month) on an annual basis.


How to Handle 911 Callers Ordered to Evacuate During a Natural Disaster or Emergency

Handling 911 calls during a natural disaster emergency is a big challenge, but it is also a major opportunity to save lives and ensure calm during trying times. Because you cannot always know when a natural disaster is going to occur, it is really important to have every member of your 911 dispatch call center team properly trained in emergency management response.

COOP Plan Checklist

Preparing Your PSAP’s Continuity of Operations Plan (COOP)

A PSAP’s duty to the community never fades. Even in the face of tragedy or disaster, your agency has essential functions that must be performed, or rapidly and efficiently resumed during an emergency. Successful agencies keep operations running with a Continuity of Operations (COOP) plan.

stress girl

Empowering Your Telecommunicators to Deal with Stress in the PSAP Workplace

Stress management in a 911 call center goes way beyond the needs of typical office environments. Due to the intensity of crisis communications, Call Handlers can often handle more critical incidents of stress in a single shift than most civilian employees encounter in an entire career.

The stakes are huge: suicidal callers, domestic disturbances, homicide, missing children, hostage situations and more. Unlike emergency responders, who at least have some level of expectation based on dispatch instructions, the 911 Call Handler is instantly thrust into the middle of oftentimes traumatic and emotional situations with no warning. It is clear that stress management needs to be a priority for every 911 call center.


Issues in Liability for 911 Call Centers

The most effective way to lower agency liability is by having properly qualified and well-trained employees who consistently follow and implement clearly documented, up-to-date standards.

PST Course Inforgraphic Blog Image

Answering the Call: PowerPhone’s Public Safety Telecommunicator Course

Our new online Public Safety Telecommunicator course fills an overwhelming industry need – for flexible, up-to-date new hire and refresher training that puts full scheduling control in the hands of PSAPs.

As the following infographic demonstrates, this is just the latest example of PowerPhone moving the 911 call handling industry forward.

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How Call Assessment Exercises Continuously Raise a Call Center’s Quality

Call Assessment is one of our central values here at PowerPhone. We’ve instituted the first and only call assessment certification course dedicated to 911 communications, and made it a central tenet of our Total Response system. Our focus on Call Assessment really distinguishes our Public Safety Telecommunicator Course. We believe in delivering the highest standard of excellence to 911 call handling, and a continuous flow of measurable data empowers call center staff to steadily improve.

PSTC Interpersonal Communication Picture

Teaching Interpersonal Communication Skills to New Telecommunicator Hires

All great Public Safety Telecommunicators must have exceptional interpersonal communication skills to deal with the wide range of callers, emotions and subject matters that 911 Call Handlers face every day. Exceptional interpersonal communication skills include active listening, clear communication and effective use of vocal tone and inflection to control each call with kindness and authority.

Continuing Education Subscription for 911 training

Continuing Education Subscription Surpasses 1,500 Students!

We’re thrilled to announce that our continuing education subscription service has surpassed 1,500 student enrollments! The service provides twelve months of ongoing training courses for 911 call handler students. Since launching, we have offered over thirty different courses on a wide range of topics.

State of 911 Call Handling in 2015

The State of 911 Call Handling in 2015

This year, we’ve met with thousands of professionals on the front lines of emergency call handling and worked side-by-side with large and small agencies in every region of the country. Last week, a core group of staff got together to talk about some of the emerging trends in 911 call handling, and how we could best provide solutions to our customers’ problems.

Total Response 911 Call Handling

The Interwoven Strength of Total Response

Many great items are created through the weaving together of multiple parts. The most durable fabrics, the sturdiest ropes and the most impenetrable pieces of armor all owe their strength to interwoven properties. For decades, PowerPhone has applied the same principle to strengthening 911 call handling and ensuring our clients attain the highest standard in call handling.

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Four Video Resources for PSAP Directors to Share with their Communities

Outstanding PSAPs all have open lines of communication with their community. PSAP Directors know that regular conversations with the community are essential to building a solid public safety presence. Engaging conversations about 911 maintain a strong platform for public awareness campaigns, raise staff morale and strongly help employee recruitment.

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Are Your Call Handlers Over-Reliant on ‘Catch-All’ Protocols? How to Use Call Assessment to Guide Your 911 Call Handlers to Use the Right Protocols

Consistency is really important when it comes to 911 call handling, but can be hard to maintain inside the PSAP while real-time emergencies play out and adrenaline is pumping. When put under pressure, many Call Handlers naturally look for shortcuts, just like employees anywhere else. The problem is that, in a PSAP, this often means that 911 Call Handlers begin overusing some response protocols as “catch-all categories” that may not provide the best response for callers’ actual needs.

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Why We Introduced the Digital Tablet and Stopped Offering Paper Tablets

911 call-handling protocols should always reflect current best practices. The industry is rapidly evolving as developments emerge and as we apply lessons learned from the successes and failures of emergency response agencies around the world. Since our beginning in 1986, PowerPhone has always been committed to developing the greatest services and training for our clients […]

Shipping has begun on the first digital tablet for emergency dispatch call handlers

Our Digital Tablets Have Officially Launched!

This is an exciting summer at PowerPhone. We’re very pleased to announce that our new Digital Tablets are now shipping out to customers. The response so far has been fantastic! The Digital Tablet, which we unveiled last month at the 2015 NENA Conference, offers all the same incident-specific questions, integrated protocols and pre-arrival instructions as our traditional […]

Announcing PowerPhone’s New Digital Tablet!

PowerPhone, a global leader in 911 communications solutions, has announced the release of the industry’s first Total Response Digital Tablet. Delivered via digital computer tablet or desktop PC, Digital Tablets are the newest delivery source for Total Response protocols – providing on one iPad-sized digital tablet all of the protocols and instructions needed to operate […]

Better 911 Dispatch Training Could Prevent Finger Pointing in the Tamir Rice case

Cleveland’s 911 Dispatch Problems Could Happen Anywhere

The shifting of public blame towards a 911 dispatch operator is just the latest sad development in the tragic police shooting of 12-year-old Tamir Rice in Cleveland in November, 2014. As is so often the case with emotionally charged cases like this, there have been countless accusations and numerous instances of finger pointing during the […]

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