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Out with the old, in with the bold – PowerPhone is excited to kick off the new year with a fresh Total Response logo that not only reflects our evolving identity but also embodies the very essence of what we stand for.

As we usher in 2024, we’re growing and improving to meet the dynamic needs of PSAPs and public safety professionals around the world. Like our logo, Total Response is not static. Regular updates and innovations keep our software at the forefront of technological advancements, ensuring that emergency response teams always have access to the latest and most effective tools.

The Power of the Red "R"

If the first thing that pops out to you is the bold and vibrant red “R” that’s because it is meant to command attention. This bold letter isn’t just a visual element; it’s a powerful representation of the qualities, values, and vision that define Total Response and how we’re flipping the script on 911.

Commanding Attention, Demanding Action

Crafted with precision and intentionality, the red “R” isn’t just a color; it’s a call to action. It symbolizes PowerPhone’s commitment to helping telecommunicators deliver immediate and effective responses to critical situations. It stands tall, a beacon of unity and resilience, showcasing the unwavering dedication of emergency responders who act swiftly and decisively in times of crisis.

Readiness in the Digital Realm

In the digital landscape, the red “R” signals our software’s readiness to face challenges head-on. It embraces the urgency and gravity of every emergency call, symbolizing the rapid response that defines Total Response. It’s not just a logo; it’s a story of technological innovation. We are committed to providing a tool that is not only rapid but comprehensive and reliable. A tool that ensures the safety and well-being of every public safety professional and caller- from the phone line to the front line.

Reviving 911 Response

Beyond the pixels and design, the red “R” holds a mission – the revival of 911 response. With Total Response, we breathe new life into public safety, turning chaos into clarity and information into action. Our technology, passion, and expertise intersect to improve the quality of every call, every time.

A Constant Reminder

Finally, the red “R” serves as a constant reminder that behind every emergency call, there are dedicated individuals ready to respond with skill, compassion, and speed. And behind these remarkable individuals is Total Response, standing strong and committed to making a difference.

We want our software and philosophy to make a positive impact on every emergency call. With Total Response, we’re not just responding; we’re leading the way in transforming emergency response.

Here’s to a new year, a new logo, and a continued commitment to providing a lifeline to public safety, PSAPs, emergency responders and the public.