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What’s New in Total Response SA 5.4.1?

A guide to your new software upgrade

Last Revised: October, 2023

PowerPhone is excited to introduce Total Response SA 5.4.1, which delivers new tools for live call handling. This release features significant improvements, including enhancements to our Response Advisor and adjustable font sizes.

For TR SA upgrade instructions go here.

Call Handler usability enhancements

In response to feedback from our customers, PowerPhone has introduced several usability enhancements in the Call Handler module that save time and allow users to customize the application according to individual preferences.

Enlarged Response Advisor with Alerts

To make the Response Advisor more visible on screen, we have enlarged its display and changed its color to make it stand out better when it is parked on a gray area of the screen. In addition, the Response Advisor now lets you know the current status of the Dispatch Recommendation at a glance.

  • Updated indicator: Lets you know that the Dispatch Recommendation has changed and needs to be acknowledged (Accepted or Refused).
  • Accepted indicator: Displays when the current Dispatch Recommendation has been Accepted.
  • Refused indicator: Displays when the current Dispatch Recommendation has been Refused.

Enlarged text sizes now available

Each user can now enlarge the text size in the Call Handler according to preference. In addition to our standard text size, large and extra-large options are available for users to select at any time. Questions and answers in the main call handling area and text on control buttons will enlarge for easier reading.

To change text size, do the following:

  1. In the Call Handler module, select Tools > Options.
    1. Select one of three sizes from the Text Size drop-down menu:
      a. Default (normal text size)
      b. Large (increased text size)
      c. XLarge (for use on monitors with very high resolution)