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October 2022

Netflix, Hulu, Disney+ and Apple TV are popular streaming services which you may recognize. They offer an a la carte approach to on-demand movies and TV entertainment. Their concept is simple. For one fee, you have unlimited access to their current catalog. You can watch as much as you want, anytime you want.

Site Licensed Training: Your single solution for training current and future hires

For nearly three decades, PowerPhone’s training courses have set the industry standard for preparing emergency call handlers to respond to 911 calls. With the introduction of Site Licensed Training, we continue to reimagine our product offering so that it matches the changing needs of PSAPs of every size.

Due to rapid turnover throughout the industry, budgeting and scheduling for training has become a challenge. Site Licensed Training is your single solution for training current and future hires by providing unlimited access to our complete training library as part of your yearly maintenance contract. We simplified access and budgeting for all your training and certification needs.

When you login, you are greeted with the full complement of PowerPhone’s best in class training offerings. You’ll first access the Total Response Application Training, which consists of courses focused on PowerPhone’s patented approach to emergency call handling, and in-depth explanations on how to use the Total Response software. Next, certification courses in Emergency Medical Dispatch, Law Enforcement Dispatch and Fire Service Dispatch are provided to satisfy all your agency’s certification requirements. These courses are followed by a large, and growing library of continuing education content on topics that are relevant to telecommunicators and PSAP administrators.

Year-Round Unlimited Access

All training content is included in your maintenance contract and is available for everyone in your agency at no additional cost. And since all courses are offered 100% online, in a self-paced interactive format, staff can take courses when it is convenient, any time of the day, and without leaving the office. Travel is eliminated and scheduling hassles are reduced. By eliminating per user licensing, administrators are freed from budgetary dilemmas when new staff are hired throughout the year.

Your current staff, and future hires, get full access to the complete training and certification library throughout your maintenance contract period. Staff that might benefit from a second exposure to the courseware, or staff that want to confirm their understanding of call handling techniques, can always revisit any course in the library.

Site Licensed Training was developed to make budgeting, scheduling, and access to training easier for you and your staff. It is the single solution for all your training and certification needs. Contact your Customer Success Representative to get a free trial and experience for yourself the power and convenience of Site Licensed Training.

About the Author

Jim Murtagh is the Training Manager for PowerPhone and has experience in both the public and private educational sectors. His formal education in Instructional Technology fostered his passion for developing e-Learning content.