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For Shelby Creed, the newly appointed Director of Linn County E-911 Central Dispatch Center, Missouri, Total Response was a familiar solution that she has had great success with before transitioning to her new role.

“Total Response is a program that I have become very familiar with, so it was definitely a top priority to get our staff this type of support to improve our processes,” says Creed. “This protocol solution allows our staff to easily adjust the line of questioning based on developing details, and really helps us avoid any unnecessary steps.”

PowerPhone’s Total Response emergency call handling software allows telecommunicators to ask questions using scenario-based protocols. Questions can be adjusted or adapted to the type of caller and developing scene conditions.

The call handling process used in Total Response empowers telecommunicators to efficiently and confidently manage each call. 

“Total Response has given our staff the tools and support to confidently deliver quality service to the community,” states Creed. “My staff continues to express to me how much easier this program makes their jobs. With the way this program is designed, you can feel confident that you are doing all that you can do to help a caller.”

This solution was one that stood out to Linn County E-911 Central Dispatch Center as a whole in comparison to other programs.

“Overall this solution seemed to be more user-friendly compared to the other protocol solutions I have evaluated,” said Creed. “When reviewing the other programs, they all displayed rigidness within their processes which is something that we were looking to stay away from to improve consistency and speed up response times.”

Total Response can be used to support all emergency calls or any combination of EMD, police, fire or even non-emergency call. This unified call-handling solution combines self-paced learning, adaptable call handling, and quality assessment tools that improve the standard of care being provided.