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Shelby Township Michigan has implemented PowerPhone’s Total Response solution for 911 call handling. The new system provides state-of-the-art software, processes and training to help Shelby Township define and achieve a higher standard of emergency call handling.

Total Response was seamlessly incorporated into Shelby Township’s call-handling operations for emergency medical dispatch calls and is now fully operational. The system has also been installed at the agency’s off-site backup station to insure against service disruptions.

Compatibility with Shelby Township’s current computer-aided dispatch system (TriTech Vision CAD) was a key component for choosing PowerPhone’s Total Response emergency call handling software. An interface allows for the seamless communication between 911 call handlers and dispatched emergency responders, meaning responders arrive on scene more prepared and with a clearer picture of the emergency ahead of time. Any CAD can interface with Total Response.

Shelby Township residents will immediately benefit from Total Response’s protocols and pre-arrival instructions. The tools fully equip 911 call handlers with the information necessary to provide more confident and detailed assistance to 911 callers with medical emergencies and to transfer gathered information to paramedics prior to their arrival on scene.

Implementation of PowerPhone’s Total Response system includes full technical support and comprehensive staff training. Shelby Township’s 911 call handlers each received certifications in emergency medical dispatch while a designated supervisor was also certified in Call Assessment. Call Assessment certification prepares supervisors in the processes of identifying and monitoring PSAP management trends through the call handling system.

Shelby Township’s adoption of Total Response is a proactive step towards creating a higher standard of emergency call handling for 911 calls. By adopting PowerPhone’s Total Response solution, Shelby Township is able to define, achieve and measure their 911 call-handling standard of care. This process creates a more consistent and professional application of proven call-handling protocols to the residents of Shelby Township and helps protect emergency responders.