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Rappahannock County Deputy Donna Kestner using Total Response. Courtesy Photo

Rappahannock County has adopted new emergency response software that could help responders more efficiently provide aid to residents in need.

The software, PowerPhone’s Total Response, allows respondents on the line with those seeking emergency care to streamline their line of questioning using fire, emergency medical services or law enforcement scenario-based protocols to be adapted for the specific caller and their unique conditions.

Rappahannock County’s newly appointed E-911 Coordinator Lieutenant Janie Jenkins was central to the county adopting the new software, according to a news release from the Office of Emergency Management. It was purchased using a Virginia Office of Emergency Medical Services grant, according to Rappahannock County Sheriff Connie Compton.

Total Response is a program that I have become every familiar with, so it was definitely a top priority to get our staff this type of support to improve our processes,” Jenkins said in a statement. “This protocol solution allows our staff to easily adjust the line of questioning based on real-time conversations, and helps us avoid duplication of efforts.”

The call handling process used in the software empowers respondents to efficiently and confidently manage each call. It can be used to support all emergency calls or any combination of EMS, police, fire or even non-emergency calls. The unified software combines blended learning, adaptable call handling, and quality assessment tools that improve the standard of care being provided, according to the news release.

Total Response has given our staff the tools and support to deliver high quality service to the community,” Compton said in a statement. “My staff continues to express to me how much easier this program makes their jobs. With the way this program is designed, you can feel confident that you are doing all that you can do to help a caller.”

This software stood out to staff at the Rappahannock County E-911 Central Dispatch Center when compared to other programs, the news release said.

The adaptability of this potentially life-saving solution and ability for field units to see real-time information about the call led us to implementing the best solution to respond to our businesses and residents,” Compton said.

Designed to support any size agency, PowerPhone has worked with more than 700 agencies since the inception of Total Response more than nine years ago. PowerPhone has provided service for more than 38 years and has trained more than 500,000  telecommunicators across the country and the world, according to the news release.