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March 6, 2023 

PowerPhone is excited to announce the release of Total Response 5.4, the latest version of their best-in-class call handling software. Included in Total Response 5.4 are new life-saving integrations and user enhancements that make answering 911 calls within the program more efficient and seamless.  

Of the latest upgrades, Vice President of Product, Greg Sheehan said, “Thanks to valuable and constructive feedback from our dedicated customers, we’ve optimized our Total Response software to give you more control, tools, and information when you’re handling calls where seconds count.”  

In the 5.4 version, PowerPhone has included 3 cutting-edge integrations that help telecommunicators better locate callers or nearby resources, like AEDs. With PulsePoint AED, your agency is connected to a community’s registry of cardiac emergency devices. For callers who are lost or in a hard-to-find location, what3words and OpenStreetMap give agencies the ability to pinpoint exact locations.  

New alerts, tools and user enhancements include shortened entries into CAD, adjustable font sizes and Response Advisor features that let call takers know the status of a dispatch recommendation at a glance. 

"Total Response 5.4 has several usability enhancements in the Call Handler module that save time and make the job of call handling easier in stressful situations. From cutting-edge integrations, to making it easier to navigate through the software, we are committed to helping agencies build a system that works best for their community’s needs.”

Greg Sheehan, VP, Product

“We are continuing to evolve our product to better serve our customers, and we’re seeing a lot of excitement about the software and optimizations,” said Sheehan.

PowerPhone has begun the upgrade process with several agencies. As the year progresses, the goal is to have all Total Response customers accessing the latest, most comprehensive software version.

PowerPhone is an emergency call handling software company. Our solution helps 911 centers ask better questions of callers and relay scene information faster and more accurately to responders. We use our technology to empower 911 professionals, transform information into action, and give neverbeforeseen insight into emergency call handling. 

For more information on how Total Response can benefit your center, please contact us at