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PowerPhone, a pioneering force in emergency communications and public safety response, is advocating for the recognition of 911 telecommunicators as first responders. This initiative aligns with the company’s longstanding commitment to championing those who answer the call and play a pivotal role in ensuring the safety and well-being of communities.

“We firmly believe that 911 telecommunicators are the backbone of emergency response, serving as the lifeline between individuals in distress and the assistance they urgently need,” said Chris Salafia, CEO of PowerPhone. “Despite their critical role, these dedicated professionals often operate in the shadows without the official recognition that their status as first responders would afford them.”

The Impact of First Responder Status

Granting first responder status to 911 telecommunicators is not merely symbolic; it holds tangible benefits that acknowledge the challenging nature of their work. This recognition can lead to enhanced training opportunities, improved mental health support, and a rightful place in the broader first responder community. 

“911 telecommunicators are the unsung heroes who orchestrate emergency response with poise and precision. It's time we officially recognized their pivotal role by designating them as first responders. This is not just about acknowledgment; it's about providing the support and benefits they deserve for the critical work they do every day,” said Chris Salafia, President and CEO at PowerPhone.

About PowerPhone

PowerPhone has been a trailblazer in emergency communications for over four decades, transforming the industry with innovative solutions and unwavering support for those on the front lines. The company’s advocacy for recognizing 911 telecommunicators as first responders is a testament to its commitment to the well-being of those who tirelessly serve communities in times of crisis.