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You asked. We listened. Let's look at Total Response 5.4 together.

At PowerPhone, we take our customer feedback seriously and constructively.  We’ve optimized our Total Response software to give you more control, tools, and information when you’re handling calls where seconds count. We are excited to introduce Total Response 5.4.

In the 5.4 version, you’ll see:

  • Tools to help shorten Total Response entries sent to your CAD narrative.
  • New alerts in the Response Advisor to help you spot changes quickly.
  • New integrations that help you locate callers or nearby resources, like AEDs.
  • And more!

Three Life-Saving Integrations

PulsePoint AED: Total Response now offers integration with the PulsePoint AED Registry to help you find AEDs near the vicinity of incidents you’re handling.

what3words: This geocoding system is designed to identify any location using a three-word addressing system. When users download the what3words app on their mobile phone, the GPS components of the phone will provide the user with the exact three-word address they are currently at.

OpenStreetMap: OpenStreetMap is an open-source map of the world, updated and maintained by a community of volunteers. Total Response now allows you to verify Incident and Caller Location data entered on the Initial Survey Screen via OpenStreetMap.

New User Experience Enhancements

Here’s just a quick look at some of the many features we have updated and optimized:

  • When an exact duplicate of a question and answer are detected by Total Response, they are now automatically suppressed from being sent to your CAD system.
  • You can now define a shorter version of any question that will be sent to CAD instead of the full-length question that is displayed in the Call Handler module.
  • The Response Advisor now features alerts that let you immediately know the status of a dispatch recommendation at a glance.
  • Font sizes for questions can now be enlarged according to preference.
  • Total Response 5.4 has several usability enhancements in the Call Handler module that save time and make the job of call handling easier in stressful situations.

From cutting-edge integrations, to making it easier to navigate through the software, we are committed to helping your agency build a system that works best for your community’s needs.

If you’re a Total Response customer and want to schedule your upgrade, head here.

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