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There is a traditional view of quality assurance programs: as a retroactive process with the goal of identifying call handler errors. When thought of this way, quality assurance programs often don’t improve service and are usually perceived as punitive. Putting the focus on improving the systematic process of call handling as a whole rather than on any individual creates better results and a more positive reception from staff.

PowerPhone held a webinar on Quality System and Objective Assessment during the Spring of 2014. This white paper summarizes the content of the webinar and addresses questions from the attendees.

Understanding Quality Assurance

Total Response® is a call handling system that holistically equates to quality assurance. Many fail to recognize that the adoption of a protocol system is the first step in assuring the delivery of quality service. The fact that an agency adopts a structured call handling system indicates that there is a certain expectation of the level of service delivery. To further define and formalize these expectations of quality service, a standard of care should be developed. The standard of care should communicate the minimum level of acceptable service.