Updated Course – Protecting Law Enforcement Responders

Updated Course:

Protecting Law Enforcement Responders

New format and fresh content make course more interactive

PLER Course Activity

Interactive tasks keep students engaged

We’re pleased to announce updates to our Protecting Law Enforcement Responders (PLER) course. The updates include refreshed course content in both the online and classroom versions. Updates to the online version include giving students full control over course progress (no more waiting on forums), additional activities and assessments and deeper faculty insights. The content updates ensure your team gets the latest information for protecting law enforcement responders including insights on evolving threats and the proven techniques that keep responders safe.


The course consists of seven modules covering topics such as:

  • Trends and statistics concerning law officer safety

    PLER Course Audio clip

    Audio and video resonate with students

  • Examining different groups that target and endanger law enforcement
  • Dispatcher tactics to protect officers
  • Danger from domestic violence calls
  • Active shooting incidents
  • Barricaded subjects
  • Law enforcement radio dispatch rules and procedures
  • Critical incident stress


The Protecting Law Enforcement Responders course is an eight-hour equivalent; upon completion, students will be able to:

  • Detailed quizzes capture students’ attention

    Recognize threats to officer safety

  • Provide pre-arrival survival instructions for officers
  • Identify potential suicide-by-cop scenarios
  • Maintain radio etiquette during high-risk incidents
  • Create a safer response environment

Online format improvements

The online version of our Protecting Law Enforcement Responders course is the latest course to feature our streamlined format giving you full scheduling control. The course features detailed insights from our expert faculty coupled with interactive activities and multiple-choice quizzes that can be done anytime. These features replace the instructor-led forums found in some other PowerPhone classes and allow students to continue the course at their own pace.

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