Call Assessment

An ongoing Call Assessment process helps agencies monitor and maintain and improve consistency of service delivery.

Monitor, maintain and improve service consistency with continuous quality control.

Call assessment, or quality assurance, is a critical component of the Total Response system. Total Response was developed to help maintain and improve standards of care – and call assessment supports PSAP efforts to deliver quality service.

Total Response call assessment tools allow PSAPs to collect and evaluate objective performance data, which can then be used to:

  • Evaluate system performance or PSAP processes
  • Compare data to pre-determined standards
  • Highlight performance strengths and areas requiring additional training
  • Assess individual performance, using positive reinforcement to modify behaviors
  • Make ongoing adjustments as necessary

Our certification training ensures Total Response users understand these quality control features and how to evaluate data. Agencies interested in the continual improvement of service may also seek Total Response Accreditation. Contact us to learn more.

The implementation of a holistic protocol system like Total Response results in more responsive 911 operations – operations that deliver consistent, quality service and care.

Call Assessment

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