The following agencies have earned accreditation and industry recognition for their commitment to quality and accountability in emergency call handling.

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Wayne County E911 Communications

Accredited since 08/03/15

Wayne County E911 Communications in West Virginia is the primary public safety answering point for the county. The center provides services for the county law enforcement agencies, fire departments, and EMS. Wayne County E911 strives to be leaders in providing quality service to the public. All call takers have been certified in EMD, FSD, and LED to enhance call handling and Total Response CACH has been implemented for call processing.

Jackson County 911

Accredited since 07/31/15

Jackson County 911, located in West Virginia, receives and processes emergency and non-emergency calls for service for 13 agencies: Jackson County Sheriff, Ripley PD, Ravenswood PD, WV State Police Ripley Detachment, Department of Natural Resources, 3 Jackson County EMS Stations, and 5 Volunteer Fire Departments – Cottageville VFD, Ravenswood VFD, Ripley VFD, Silverton VFD, Southern Jackson Co VFD.  Jackson County 911 is the first agency in West Virginia to achieve Total Response Accreditation.

Ogle County Sheriff’s Office

Accredited since 10/01/14

The Ogle County Sheriff’s Office Communications, located in northern Illinois, receives and process emergency and non-emergency calls for service. All call takers are certified in Total Response Emergency Medical Dispatch, Fire Service Dispatch, and Law Enforcement Dispatch. In addition to handling calls for the sheriff’s office, the department is the primary PSAP for the eleven fire departments within the county. The center is a secondary call center for an additional four fire departments. Ogle County Sheriff’s Office Communications is also the primary center for the Illinois Mutual Aid Box Alarm System (MABAS) District 18 and a member of ILEAS.

Sugar Land Public Safety Dispatch

Accredited since 04/29/14

The Sugar Land Public Safety Dispatch Center is the public safety answering point for the City of Sugar Land. The center answers 911 and other emergency and non emergency calls and requests for assistance and ensures that each one is processed accurately. Hours of operation: 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


Pendleton County 911 Dispatch Center

Accredited since 03/25/14

Prepare, respond, recover and protect – the basic functions of Pendleton County’s emergency services are the most critical in a community. Pendleton County Emergency Dispatch Center coordinates emergency services and dispatches law, fire, and EMS within the county. The office also handles environmental and disaster mitigation and response. Officials provide information, warnings, and protection in case of severe weather, tornado, flood and earthquake. The county is equipped with Reverse 911, which generates phone messages concerning emergency warnings and services via landline telephone networks.


Randolph Police Department Center

Accredited since 01/28/14

The Randolph Police Department Center is located in the eastern region of the State of Massachusetts. The center receives and processes calls for police, fire, and medical emergencies. Randolph Police Department receives over 7,200 emergency and 15,000 non-emergency calls for service each year. Randolph Police Department, including command staff, employs fifty-nine (59) officers.


Granby Public Safety Center

Accredited since 01/28/14

The Granby Public Safety Center is located in Hampshire County and is considered to be in the western region of the State of Massachusetts. The center receives and processes calls for police, fire, and medical emergencies. Granby Public Safety receives over 8,600 emergency and non-emergency calls for service each year. Granby Public Safety is staffed by three (3) full-time civilian dispatchers, nine (9) full-time officers, and thirteen (13) part-time officers.

Berwyn Emergency Communications

Accredited since 08/06/13

The Berwyn Emergency Communications Center is located in northern Illinois and is a suburb of Chicago. The center receives and processes calls for police, fire, and medical emergencies. Berwyn Emergency Communications receives over 138,000 emergency and non-emergency calls for service each year. Berwyn has 16 full time dispatchers and utilizes 4 positions in their dispatch center.

Princeton Logo

Princeton Police Department

Accredited since 03/15/13

The Princeton Police Department is located in central Massachusetts. The emergency dispatch center takes calls for police, fire and medical emergencies and receives approximately 5,822 calls for service each year. The department’s mission is to maintain the quality of life that makes the town of Princeton a safe and desirable place to live. They are committed to assisting individuals with their quality of life and enhancing public safety and are able to deliver emergency E-911 related service that safeguards lives and property to minimize fear of crime.


Dyersburg 911

Accredited since 02/27/13

The Dyersburg Public Safety Communications Center in Tennessee exists to serve the community by answering requests for police, fire and medical services; coordinating response for those requests; and assisting local emergency services providers in protecting life and property. Their vision is to provide the highest possible customer service. The center is staffed with 14 full-time dispatchers and one operations manager who handle 911 emergency and 311 non-emergency calls for the City of Dyersburg.

Webster Logo

Webster Police Department

Accredited since 01/08/13

Webster Police Department is an emergency communications dispatch center located in south-central Massachusetts. The center takes calls for police, fire and medical emergencies. They are committed to improving the quality of life and enhancing public safety by working in partnership with the community to deliver law enforcement and related services that focus on innovative methods to preserve the peace, safeguard lives and property, and minimize the fear of crime.

Weakley County 911

Accredited since 09/18/12

Weakley County 911’s mission is to receive any call for assistance from citizens within or around Weakley County. The agency has enhanced 911 capabilities for calls originating from land-based phone systems and is able to provide Phase II wireless locations for cellular callers. The center dispatches for 12 fire districts, 4 municipal police departments, 3 EMS stations, the sheriff’s departments, THP, and numerous first responders and rescue personnel.

Lancaster Police Department

Accredited since 06/06/12

The Lancaster Police Department provides dispatch services for police, fire and EMS. Located in Lancaster, Ohio, the communications center serves a population of 39,000 and handles approximately 60,000 calls per year. They strive to continuously improve service and remain leaders in law enforcement by adhering to the principles of integrity, trust, community partnership, professionalism, accountability, teamwork and mutual respect, a sense of urgency, and a positive environment for members.

Yellow Ambulance of Daviess County

Accredited since 03/30/12

Yellow Ambulance of Daviess County provides medical transportation services for all of Daviess County. Located in Owensboro, Kentucky, Yellow Ambulance dispatches for a population of more than 100,000. They have been a leader in providing ambulance service since 1928 and are dedicated to providing quality medical service, with their team of caring and qualified full and part-time certified EMTs, advanced EMTs and paramedics.

Valley Shore Emergency Communications Inc.

Accredited since 03/21/12

Valley Shore Emergency Communications Inc. is a regional 911 center based in Westbrook, Connecticut. Valley Shore handles the emergency call processing and dispatching needs for the towns of Chester, Deep River, Durham, Essex, Haddam, Killingworth, Lyme, Middlefield, Old Lyme and Westbrook. The center has been in operation since 1976.