Be recognized for upholding the highest standards in
the 911 industry.

Accreditation is a dynamic process that supports best practices and promotes continual improvement and professional growth. Earning accreditation demonstrates your commitment to quality and accountability in emergency call handling..

The benefits of Total Response Accreditation include:

  • Onsite consultation and call assessment certification training
  • Follow-up visit to review operations and receive valuable feedback
  • Continual consultation with PowerPhone subject-matter experts
  • Priority access to newly released courses
  • Preferred hosting status
  • Protocol content updates
  • Community recognition

Agencies that are considering accreditation are expected to commit to the following:

  • Train and certify call takers in at least one emergency call handling discipline (EMD, FSD, LED)
  • Adopt call-handling protocols
  • Develop standard(s) of care
  • Train and certify in call assessment
  • Measure and record performance data

Accredited agencies benefit from improved center management, increased accountability, improved morale and enhanced public credibility. Accreditation also assists in defense against lawsuits through the documented establishment of measurable performance criteria. Contact us to learn more about this unique opportunity.