Bristol, Tennessee Strengthens 911 Call Handling with Total Response CACH

Bristol, Tennessee Strengthens 911 Call Handling with Total Response CACH

TriTech CAD Interfaces to PowerPhone’s CACH Software

The Bristol Tennessee Emergency Communications District 911 has upgraded their 911 call handling operations with PowerPhone’s Total Response protocol and call handling system.  This upgrade includes the computer aided call handling system (CACH), which provides fully integrated call handling protocols for police, fire and medical emergency calls.

CACH Use Photo with logo 500x418Previously, Bristol Tennessee 911 used three separate call handling protocol systems.  There was a separate system for police, one for fire, and one for the medical calls.  Now, using PowerPhone’s Total Response system, the protocols are integrated with police, fire and medical so only one protocol is used regardless of what response service is dispatched.

The PowerPhone system is interfaced with the 911 District’s TriTech computer aided dispatch system.  When the 911 call is answered, the information automatically downloads into the computer aided dispatch system and then will interface with the Total Response protocols.  All information obtained by the dispatcher when applying the protocols is automatically recorded into the CAD record.  This total integration streamlines the quality improvement processes for the center.

“We made the decision to adopt Total Response for several reasons,” said Virginia Smelser, Bristol Tennessee 911 Director.  “First, we are saving travel time and money by using online training for the dispatchers which is actually more hands-on. The purchase and maintenance of the total system was significantly less than the purchase and maintenance of three separate protocol systems.  CACH is easy to use and can be configured to suit Bristol’s particular needs.  Finally, the one stop integration of police, fire and EMS call handling protocols has really streamlined our response and provided a higher level of quality and continuity to the services we provide to our community.”

This new protocol system is easily adaptable to the changing needs of our community and the emergency services we serve.

About PowerPhone:

PowerPhone, a 32-year-old privately-held Connecticut corporation, is a leading provider of emergency communications technology, consulting and training. PowerPhone’s single-system Total Response approach to emergency communications ensures consistent call handling and the highest standard of care. As the first organization to develop integrated protocols for police, fire and emergency medical dispatch, PowerPhone has helped raise standards for call handling throughout the world. For more information, visit