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Suicidal 911 Caller Saved with Total Response

New Haven Register Article Picture 227x150The New Haven Register wrote a thrilling article about Angela Watley, a veteran 911 Call Handler with twenty years of experience, and her successful efforts to talk a suicidal caller out of taking his own life.

Suicidal callers are rare, but when they call, 911 Call Handlers can have an amazing impact. In such moments, training and flexibility are key. Ms. Watley, who is certified through PowerPhone and uses our Total Response system along with the rest of New Haven, Connecticut, did an excellent job handling this call. We’re very pleased to have provided the necessary tools and training to help Ms. Watley on this call.

From the Register’s article:

“Watley relied on her training, which over the years has become like muscle memory. Dispatchers have cheat sheets at their disposal [call handling protocols], listing a step-by-step guide for any emergency, from domestic disturbances to vehicle fires, burglaries to an active shooter. To hear Watley describe it, handling a situation like this was more art than science. She hit all the steps in the guide, albeit in a different order.”

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