Staying Prepared with PowerPhone’s Continuing Education Subscription and CACH

Caswell Article pic 221x150Caswell County (North Carolina) uses Total Response CACH and PowerPhone’s continuing education subscription to prepare for any 911 emergency call. The Caswell Messenger did a great job detailing how Caswell County E-911 has pieced together a great combination of tools and processes to prepare for any emergency.

We’re proud to be Caswell County E-911’s choice for 911 call-handling software and training. A few highlights from the article include:

Another upgrade is the use of the PowerPhone system to answer calls. As a call comes in, PowerPhone will bring questions up on the computer screen.

“If it is a medical problem we have PowerPhone which makes sure we are covering all the bases,” said Jones. “You don’t forget anything. It also offers instructions. If somebody is not breathing we can instruct the people over the phone what to do.”

“We get their name and verify their telephone number we get their address,” said Jones. “We have to ask these questions. It provides information for the responders. We have teamwork here.  As one is taking the information, the other is dispatching the responders. He continues to ask questions. People think you are just asking a bunch of ridiculous questions and that is not the case. We relay the information to the responders.”

According to Jones, the most important question is where the caller is located. “People assume that we know where they are. They say, “I need help.” And hang up. It doesn’t work like that. It’s not the movies.” She added that often the calls come from cell phones. “Cell phones don’t bring up an address. Landlines are the best for 911 because it shows you the address when the call comes in.”

The dispatchers have extensive training on all of the systems they use each day. “They have continuous education every month,” said Jones. “They go through a course on PowerPhone every two years they have to be certified again. Every month they have classes through Richmond Community College. And starting this fall they have monthly continuing education through PowerPhone.”

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