Introducing CACH Lite!

Total Response CACH Adds Lite Offering

Proven Protocols, Simple Functionality

Our industry-leading CACH software is now available in two offerings: CACH Standard and CACH Lite. CACH Lite is designed to accompany our successful CACH Standard version and provide the same proven integrated protocols in an easy-to-use software. CACH Lite is faster than both traditional flip cards and electronic tablets, provides more call-handling resources and features single-use navigation to adjust for each call’s on-scene conditions. CACH Lite provides a natural progression for users needing an immediate protocol delivery system who may wish to add additional CACH Standard features at a later date.

CACH Lite Marketing ShotCACH Lite offers many of the most popular features including a searchable keyword database to quickly identify each call’s chief complaint, automated prompts guiding call handlers through incident-specific protocols, automatic alerts, immediate access to life-saving pre-arrival instructions and the ability to cut and paste call summaries to your CAD.

CACH Lite serves as a great transition between paper or digital tablets and our more comprehensive CACH Standard software; both tools provide full access to our integrated call-handling protocols, just with different levels of functionality.

More advanced features (such as interfacing with your CAD, Call Assessment, Supervisor and Administrator licenses and configuration to include your agency’s SOPs) are available with CACH Standard.

A brief overview of how CACH Lite works:

Call Initiation

Start each call in CACH Lite with our searchable keyword database to help identify the chief complaint.

CACH Lite Fight Screen Shot Initial Survey 609x300

Active Questioning

Use CACH Lite’s prompts to help guide the call-handler through active questioning of the caller including the collection of vital signs, primary questions, secondary questions and pre-arrival instructions.

CACH Lite Fight Screen Shot Primary Questions 534x300

Rapid Decision Making Support

Use the Response Advisor to rapidly determine the call’s priority and the skills needed based on each call’s facts. Automated prompts ensure consistent decision-making and reliable call-handler performance.

Call Closure

CACH Lite Fight Screen Shot Call Close 667x300

CACH Lite is an effective tool for customers who aren’t yet ready to enjoy the full benefits of Total Response CACH Standard. Are you ready to move your 911 call-handling operations to the next level? Sign up here for a personalized online demonstration or contact us here to learn more about CACH Lite.

Total Response provides state-of-the-art software, processes, and training to help PSAPs define and achieve their emergency call-handling standard. Total Response utilizes integrated call-handling protocols covering police, fire, and emergency medical subject matters. The integrated approach assures that every call is treated consistently and that each emergency is addressed in its entirety.

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