Telecommunicator-CPR Certification

As part of an initiative to extend access in Telecommunication-CPR (T-CPR) training to all public safety telecommunicators, PowerPhone has now made its Telecommunicator-CPR Certification (T-CPR) course available to students who enroll in Fire Service Dispatch (FSD) and Law Enforcement Dispatch (LED) certifications in addition to its Emergency Medical Dispatch (EMD) course. The module is offered as an optional component at no additional charge to all students taking FSD and LED but remains a mandatory and integral part of our Emergency Medical Dispatch certification.

Telecommunicator-CPR Certification (T-CPR) meets all of the American Heart Association’s best practice recommendations for dispatcher-lead CPR instructions including the standard that all Telecommunicators receive at least three to four hours of T-CPR training.

The four-credit-hour-equivalent course features real audio clips with interactive prompts to guide students through the T-CPR information-gathering and decision-making processes and utilizes PowerPhone’s proven online education model to keep students engaged. The course teaches students to quickly recognize appropriate T-CPR scenarios and how to relay effective CPR instructions to the caller.

Students enrolling in FSD or LED will be offered the opportunity to simultaneously enroll in the T-CPR course which will need to be completed within the same thirty-day requirement for completing the FSD or LED course.

T-CPR certification will soon be available to dispatchers from agencies who do not use PowerPhone’s Total Response protocol system as a four-credit-hour course.

Across-the-board training is the best way for communities to ensure the appropriate response to any emergency. The essence of successful T-CPR involves prompts recognizing the need for resuscitation and the effectiveness of its delivery. Training every 911 call handler in T-CPR is ideal because it is both best for the patient and less stressful for the caller since CPR instructions empower callers to take action until emergency responders arrive on scene.

Course Topics

Telecommunicator-CPR Certification includes modules dedicated to:

  • The Respiratory System
  • The Heart and Circulatory System
  • How to Recognize Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest
  • Performing Effective CPR
  • Operation of the Automated External Defibrillator (AED)
  • T-CPR Scenarios

Introducing PowerPhone’s T-CPR Certification

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