Learn how to proactively protect yourself from on-the-job pressures.

PowerPhone’s Rewind course helps prevent or relieve many of the emotional pitfalls, such as regression, frustration and depression, that filter into the communications center. Left unattended, these issues impact performance and interaction with callers and coworkers.

This course provides public safety personnel with a clear focus on individualization as it pertains to the overall status of “self.” It helps change behaviors before problems arise for the individual worker and/or agency.


  • The pressures that may impact service
  • The importance of the 911 tape recording and the role the tape plays during an investigation
  • The concept of “rewind” as it pertains to rewinding the 911 tape (key evidence) and the need to rewind “self” to determine the origin of problems


  • Reflect on a total “rewind” of self and begin to recognize personal weaknesses
  • Acknowledge that we have no control of the uncertainties, but we do have control over how we handle the uncertainties
  • Realize the importance of what is right and what is reasonable in terms of laws, SOPs and mission statements


This course is only available as a classroom-based option. Classroom training is delivered at host agencies across the U.S. Register for a class using the Find a Class button below.

Fees & Discounts

8 hours (1 day) - $229 per student. Volume discounts available.