Public Safety Telecommunicator Course

We are proud to offer the most up-to-date Public Safety Telecommunicator (PST) course in the industry providing all of the foundational knowledge that 911 call handlers need to know.

Our course includes the latest information on emergency communications technology like NG911, Enhanced 911 and geolocation, as well as detailed overviews of 911 history providing students a full perspective of the industry.

Our course accommodates PSAP’s operational needs with the most scheduling flexibility and ease of access available on the market. Our course benefits from over thirty years of experience training 911 call handlers and is specifically designed to get students excited about careers as Public Safety Telecommunicators.

A Public Safety Telecommunicator course is often a new hire’s first experience in the public safety industry – we believe that experience should be outstanding!

Flexible Scheduling

Putting PSAP Directors Firmly in Charge

Our online PST course provides trainers with the most scheduling flexibility in the industry, giving PSAPs total scheduling control.

Lessons are broken into easily-digested modules of approximately thirty minutes each, with time for interactive quizzes and assessments. This allows PSAP Training Directors to shift students towards training during slow call times, rotate training and working periods between students, or to spread training out over the course of a month.

Our Public Safety Telecommunicator course is the equivalent to 40-credit-hours and can be completed online. Online access allows students to proceed at their own pace, which is usually significantly faster than 40-hours. The course consists of ten modules, five mandatory activities interacting with a live instructor via an online forum, and a final test.

Enrollment may take place anytime, giving trainers the ability to instantly assign new hire or refresher training to students as needed.

Foundational Knowledge

Everything Telecommunicators Need to Know

Learn Icon PP Blue 250x246Our PST course provides the knowledge new hires need, when PSAPs need it. Our 10-Module curriculum covers everything from basic concepts and communication techniques to 911 call handling technology, stress management exercises and quality assurance.

The PST course curriculum is an improvement over existing templates for its inclusion of modern concepts and technology developments. It is, quite simply, the most up-to-date foundational course available on the market.

Public Safety Telecommunicator Course – Module Overview

  1. Introduction, Roles and Responsibilities
  2. Delivering Customer Service as a Telecommunicator
  3. Interpersonal Communications
  4. Call Processing
  5. Emergency Communications Technology
  6. Liability
  7. Emergency Management
  8. Stress Management
  9. Quality Assurance
  10. Writing and Interpreting Reports

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Highly Interactive Learning

Reaching Students with Video, Audio and Games

Our curriculum was designed by Dr. Gary Moore, Ph.D., who specializes in instructional design, curriculum development, blended learning, and eLearning in the public safety realm.

Each aspect of the course is designed to stimulate student engagement and boost information retention. The course uses a research-backed balance between lectures, video or audio presentations, brain teaser games and activities, and quizzes or assessments.

Students are each required to participate in five mandatory forum activities, where they must analyze and respond to open-ended questions on pre-selected topics. The forums are individually responded to and evaluated by one of our highly qualified instructors with years of experience in the public safety industry.

Certification is dependent on passing all five forum activities and a final multiple choice assessment.

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