Non-Emergency Call Handling

Achieve excellent customer service in your emergency call center.

Whether it’s 911 or 311, your call center will receive non-emergency calls. How your call takers respond to citizens is crucial to building a successful image for your agency. You don’t need to look further than today’s news headlines to see what happens when callers are dismissed or handled unprofessionally. Loss of public confidence results, as do lawsuits in cases where a “non-emergency call” actually turns out to be a serious incident.

PowerPhone’s Non-Emergency Call Handling class addresses a major need in many call centers: how to efficiently handle non-emergency calls while maintaining professionalism.


  • First impressions
  • Customer service goals
  • Developing a telephone personality
  • Barriers to effective communication
  • Journalistic investigative approach
  • 300 call syndrome
  • Reaction principle
  • Telephone answering techniques
  • Message taking
  • Administrative call handling
  • Screening callers
  • Call transfers
  • Information gathering
  • Managing stress
  • Avoiding burnout


  • Be prepared to professionally respond to all types of calls
  • Learn essential communication skills that have been proven effective in call centers around the world

Classroom or Online

This course can be taken either in the classroom or online.
  • Classroom training is delivered at host agencies across the U.S.
  • Online certification can be taken anytime and brings the same learning experience to your desktop. Learn more about eLearning, or register now using the Find a Class button below.
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Fees & Discounts

8 hours (1 day) - $229 per student. Volume discounts available.