Continuing Education Subscription

PowerPhone’s Continuing Education Subscription is the perfect way to keep your team current on the latest trends that impact 911 and public safety.

PowrPhA032016_0114We developed our subscription model as a direct result of our national eLearning survey, in which nearly 90 percent of respondents favored short courses on important topics such as special needs callers, stroke and more.

Each course is equivalent to one credit hour of training and is designed to be taken when and where you want.

View our DispatchU course catalog here.


Subscription offerings for the period running January 1, 2017 - June 30, 2017 include:
  1. Aspirin Advisory
  2. Submerged-Sinking Vehicle Advisory
  3. Hazardous Materials and Protocols
  4. FirstNet/Public Safety Broadband Network
  5. SWATTING: How to Identify & Respond to Hoax Threats as a Dispatcher
  6. Mental Health in Times of Disasters
  7. Location, Location, Location
  8. Alzheimer's: Gone Missing
  9. Mayday II
  10. "Can't Speak": A Guide for Communicating with Callers Who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing
  11. Lost in Translation: Overcoming Language Barriers
  12. Stroke Revisited
Six courses will be switched out with new offerings on July 1, 2017 providing a total of eighteen courses to 2017 subscribers.


  • Convenience – learn at your own pace.
  • Interactive – narrated with multimedia and brain teasers.
  • Budget adherence –Significant savings on travel and overtime.

Fees & Discounts

Continuing Education Subscription is priced per person and billed annually. Subscriptions are non-transferrable and, once enrolled, cancellations are not permitted.
    • 1-9 students: $109 each
    • 10-24 students: $89 each
    • 25+ students: $79 each
    • PowerPhone accredited sites: $59 each
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