Fire Service Dispatch

Learn to spot the red flags in fire calls and protect your first responders.

PowerPhone’s Fire Service Dispatch (FSD) program gives 911 personnel the latest tools and techniques to better handle fire service communications.

This course empowers dispatchers to quickly assess emergency situations, send responders at the right priority with the right information, and help protect callers and victims. It’s an essential component of PowerPhone’s Total Response® system.

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  • NFPA Incident Command System
  • Caller, victim and responder safety
  • Liability and legal issues
  • Primary, secondary and third-level dispatch information
  • Site/incident-specific information
  • Telephone techniques
  • Command and control
  • Pre-incident planning
  • Mass disasters
  • Professionalism
  • Structured information gathering
  • Journalistic investigative approach
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Dispatch recommendations
  • Pre-arrival instructions
  • Common call types


  • Identify tactics to better protect responders
  • Reduce exposure to liability
  • Explain the actions of fire rescue personnel and basics of fire behavior
  • Understand the importance of pre-arrival instructions at a fire rescue incident
  • Learn the principles of the Incident Management System

Classroom or Online

This course can be taken either in the classroom or online.
  • Classroom training is delivered at host agencies across the US.
  • Online certification can be taken anytime and brings the same PowerPhone learning experience to your desktop. Learn more about eLearning, or click the Find a Class button below to register.

Student Protocol Guide Included

Each student will receive a Total Response call-handling guide containing course topics, protocols and pre-arrival instructions. Please note: this guide is not designed for live call taking. PowerPhone requires the use of Total Response Protocols for a live call-taking environment. Contact your Account Manager or call 1.800.537.6937 to learn more.


Upon successful completion of curriculum, graduates receive a two-year certification from PowerPhone in Fire Service Dispatch. This certification distinguishes your skill level within the industry and improves the standard of care you offer to both callers and responders.  

Fees & Discounts

$359 per student. Volume discounts available.