Call Assessment Recertification

PowerPhone makes it easy to stay certified in Total Response® Call Assessment.

Our online program lets you renew your Call Assessment certification and keep up on quality assurance trends. It’s an easy way to keep your skills fresh.


  • Principles of quality assurance
  • Benefits of implementing a quality assurance program
  • Review of the Total Response system
  • Steps to complete a call assessment
  • Assessing calls using the Total Response Quality Assurance Assessment Form
  • Evaluation of call data using the TRQA Summary Data Workbook
  • Providing feedback to call handlers


  • Training can be conducted at your agency on your time schedule
  • No more scheduling headaches to cover shifts for those attending training
  • Significant cost savings over classroom programs
  • Online program does it all for you – no need to send in test results

Fees & Discounts

$129 per student (online program)