Call Assessment Certification

A system must be measurable to be effective.

PowerPhone’s online Call Assessment certification course provides 911 personnel with the tools to establish standards and conduct call reviews at the highest professional level.

Students are empowered to assess call-handling quality, evaluate call-handling performance, and recommend changes that improve communications and response. It’s an essential component of PowerPhone’s Total Response® system.


  • Principles of quality assurance
  • Benefits of implementing a quality assurance program
  • Review of the Total Response system
  • Steps to complete a call assessment
  • Assessing calls using the Total Response Quality Assurance Assessment Form
  • Evaluation of call data using the TRQA Summary Data Workbook
  • Providing feedback to call handlers


  • Collect call information and provide objective, measurable results
  • Introduce a quality assurance process to your call center
  • Recognize the value of structured call handling
  • Evaluate your agency’s processes and procedures against nationally recognized standards
  • Reduce exposure to liability

Assessment and Summary Data Forms Included

For their own use, each student can download the TRQA Assessment Form template and TRQA Summary Data Workbook template to assess calls and measure the collected data. Please note: PowerPhone requires the use of Total Response Protocols for a live call-taking environment. Contact your Account Manager or call 1.800.537.6937 to learn more.  


Upon successful completion of curriculum, graduates receive a two-year certification from PowerPhone in Call Assessment. This certification distinguishes your skill level within the industry and improves the standard of care you offer to both callers and responders.    

Fees & Discounts

$329 per student (online course).