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Updated approach replaces online forums with more interactive activities, expert faculty insights and smoother workflow

 About our evolving approach to online courses

ASR Slide George's TipsInteraction with certified instructors is one of the things that make PowerPhone online courses unique. Our goal has always been to recreate the valuable insights provided by our expert faculty during hosted classes and to give students a way to relate the course content back to their own experiences. Forums have provided the best opportunity for us to provide those benefits – until now.

Our new approach replaces forums with in-depth faculty insights and commentary throughout the lessons and with additional interactive content like brain teasers and games. The initial reviews have been entirely positive with student comments like this one:

“I enjoyed the ‘George’s Tips’ section. I have been lucky enough to take classes with him in a classroom setting. These sections gave it a classroom feel even though I was taking the class from [my PSAP].”

This new format is now available in our updated Active Shooting Response course and will be integrated into all of our new and updated courses going forward. Check out our course demo above for a sample of the training techniques in action!

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 Here’s what more students are saying:

“I absolutely loved the course.”

“This is my third active shooter course. One previously completed online and in a class setting. By far this has been my favorite. Very informative.”

“The ‘other guys’ beat the subject matter like a dead horse and its the same thing over and over. With this PowerPhone course, I was interested the entire time and actually did not want to take a break.”

“This course was very relevant given the times in which we live and would be beneficial to everyone.”

Chris Gaffney

Chris Gaffney

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