PowerPhone has led meaningful change in 911
for more than 30 years.

Our goal is to challenge and improve both our company and the emergency response industry through innovation and technological development.

Contact us to learn more about PowerPhone ingenuity, or explore some of our innovations:

Computer Aided Call Handling

CACH® is much more than just help for CAD – it is the industry’s first complete call handling solution, comprised of 80+ integrated protocols, as well as embedded Quality Assurance and management tools to ensure that every call gets it all.


Another industry first, PowerPhone brings blended learning to emergency communications. With foundational and theoretical learning and practical skills now presented online, in the classroom and as a hybrid of the two, DispatchU brings flexibility and choice to 911 training.

Incident Linked Multimedia

If a picture is worth a thousand words, why wait for NG911 to bring multimedia into the center? Our ILM technology not only brings images from the scene to the call center, it triages and prioritizes them as well. U.S. Patent #7,764,769


Police & Fire Protocols

EMD may get all the press, but the vast majority of calls are not medical-related. In 1986, PowerPhone introduced the industry’s first call handling protocols for police and fire dispatch.

Protocol Builder

Recognizing that each agency is different, PowerPhone develops software that allows agencies to modify and create their own emergency and non-emergency call scripts. U.S. Patent #7,646,858

Response Prioritization Matrix

Embedded within our Computer Aided Call Handling system is a risk assessment tool that allows for resource allocations and response prioritizations based upon scene conditions. U.S. Patent #7,978,826

The PowerPhone Formula

The foundation for all that we do, PowerPhone derived a proprietary method for triaging and managing calls for service. U.S. Patent #7,515,693.

Total Response System

If we have one number for help, why have three separate protocols for emergency services? With the launch of Total Response, PowerPhone changed the dispatch paradigm and brings better call consistency to agencies worldwide.