PowerPhone’s Total Response® CACH® software seamlessly integrates with most computer-aided dispatch (CAD) systems.

CACH improves technology at the beginning of the dispatch process, providing the missing link in today’s 911 response.

Through CAD integration and Response Advisor technology, CACH users can gather information from callers and electronically communicate that knowledge to one or more CAD systems for resource allocation in real-time. This makes One Number, One Protocol® a reality.

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                motoSpillmanLogo Spillman Technologies, Inc., is a leading provider of public safety software products, training, support, and services, with more than 1,800 agencies in 43 states nationwide.
                         Shieldware ShieldWare© CAD provides sophisticated resource management for law enforcement, fire and EMS. Agencies can define their own units, beat plans, districts, command areas call types and response plans. 
KT International KTI’s HeartbeatCAD system provides cutting edge technology to emergency response dispatchers so that public safety response teams will be at the right place, with the right manpower and equipment, ready to help.
Intergraph Computer-Aided Dispatch is an industry-leading incident management software owned by Hexagon. I/CAD features complete, integrated capabilities for call handling and dispatching, intelligent mapping, field communications, data reporting and analysis, and application integration.
GeoConex is a comprehensive dispatching tool that has options for use by both dispatchers and supervisory personnel to give optimum dispatch performance.  The dispatcher can easily distinguish the status of active calls, while recording various status times, radio communications history,  and historical calls.
Enterpol Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) features an easy-to-use, intuitive technology that allows rapid entry for incoming calls for service with quick access of available resources. Reports that reflect all activity associated with both calls and units are generated with just a few clicks and is queried right from the CAD System for quick access to historical, life-saving information.
LETG’s Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) module is a feature-rich, customizable dispatching solution that is built on the following premise: “To efficiently provide and track mission critical information from the public safety answering point to the field.”
The CAD system has been designed for the fast-paced activity of a Dispatch Center. Single and multiple agencies, including Fire, Police, EMS and Sheriff can be supported. Single station or a network with simultaneous users is available.
new world New World’s Aegis Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) software is a comprehensive, easy-to-use solution that effectively manages single or multi-jurisdictional dispatching activities for Law Enforcement, Fire and EMS.
logysis LogiSYS is an innovative leader within the public safety communities. As a trusted developer of software solutions and working with Law Enforcement, Fire and EMS, their goal is to provide a more efficient decision making process for dispatch and records management.
j2_logo J2 Software was specifically created with the needs of dispatchers and officers in mind. From a single standalone workstation to a complex multi-user environment, J2 Dispatcher™ delivers ease of use with minimal entry for maximum information and integrates with PowerPhone’s CACH software.
Capers CAPERS integrates with PowerPhones’s CACH software. CAPERS is a top-tier law enforcement and public safety software provider serving agencies and departments of all sizes nationwide.
ADSI logo Since 1981, ADSi has supplied public safety departments with effective and dependable software tools. ADSi has integrated with PowerPhone’s CACH and has installed its CAD software in more than 100 departments all across the United States at the City,County, State, and Federal government levels.
Logo_CyberTech_International_800x100 CyberTech International is now a part of NICE Systems. CyberTech is a recognized innovator of voice recording and monitoring applications that drive efficiencies in the capture, storage, retrieval and playback of voice, radio and data communications.
Since 1984, EmergiTech has developed and supported a range of cost-effective public safety software applications, including IP911 systems, computer aided dispatch, law enforcement RMS, EMS and fire reporting, and civil processing.
ID Networks offers end to end solutions in 10 different product lines.  Our easy to use interface to PowerPhone is just one of the many examples of how our systems can save agencies time, keystrokes, and effort, usually at costs well below competitors.
InterAct is a leading provider of incident response, emergency management and public safety software. InterAct’s flexible solutions arm agencies with the decision-making tools to quickly identify and respond to emergencies.
MobileTec’s goal is to provide forward-thinking and quality software solutions for dispatchers, ensuring a level of service matching PowerPhone’s ability to handle calls in a proficient and standardized way.
Southern Software strongly supports the utilization of emergency dispatch call management software within the communications arena. Their experience in working with PowerPhone has been one of teamwork and reliability.
SunGard Public Sector’s OSSI CAD system helps provide communication centers with a fast, reliable way to manage and dispatch emergency calls and is a fully integrated, multi-jurisdictional, Windows®-based system.
Tiburon’s CAD system integrates with PowerPhone’s system to enable immediate and automatic access to the correct incident-based protocol for the dispatcher, while also ensuring data integration for accurate record-keeping.
The industry-leading and largest public safety software company, TriTech Software Systems partners with PowerPhone for an integrated solution to meet the needs of public safety agencies in easy, affordable ways.
Zuercher Technologies’ ledsCAD is a highly configurable, easy-to-use computer aided dispatch solution that integrates with PowerPhone’s Total Response® system to maximize efficiency.


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