About PowerPhone

Our mission is to connect people, processes and technology in a way that empowers public safety.

PowerPhone, a 31-year-old, privately-held Connecticut corporation, is a leading provider of emergency communications technology, consulting and training. Our staff represents a myriad of years of combined control center and field experience. Industry expertise, coupled with the latest technology and business best practices combine to create a flexible and efficient resource for our multi-national client base.

PowerPhone Raises the Bar in Crisis Communications

An innovator in 911 for 30 years, PowerPhone’s time-tested approach to emergency communications ensures consistent call handling and the highest standard of care. As the first organization to develop specific call handling protocols for police, fire and emergency medical dispatch, PowerPhone has helped raise standards for call handling throughout the world.

PowerPhone’s core dispatch philosophy centers on six key principles: Any Call, Empowerment of Call Takers, Information Capturing and Sharing, Objective Dispatch Recommendations, Adaptable, and Quality Assurance. These PowerPhone Principles highlight the characteristics by which we enable greater consistency and effectiveness for our emergency communications clients.

The PowerPhone Solution: Training and Technology

Employing some of the nation’s foremost emergency communications experts, PowerPhone has trained more dispatchers than anyone else in the world. Having conducted more than 8,000 global training classes for over 200,000 public safety personnel, PowerPhone focuses on what matters, meeting the needs of 911 today, while anticipating the challenges of tomorrow.

When training is combined with the right tools, the results are undeniable, which is why PowerPhone is also a global leader in call handling protocols and quality assurance through call assessment. PowerPhone’s patented formula for effective crisis communications was designed under our philosophy that “every call gets it all.” Our integrated solution of methodology, content and delivery aids any PSAP, government agency, university or business in providing the optimum level of service based on local operating standards and public safety objectives.

In today’s climate of increased expectations yet limited resources, agencies are being asked to do more with less, and there’s no doubt that the role of the emergency dispatcher will continue to evolve – and PowerPhone will be there to evolve and innovate right along with you.